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The Community Fund

I created the Community Fund in 2019 to help my hand-dyed yarn and kits be more financially accessible to low-income makers and to connect makers in my community who have something extra to give with makers who could use a gesture of kindness and support.


You can contribute to the fund by adding this product to your shopping cart, or by adding a tip to your purchase (an option that shows up during check-out).


You can apply to the Community Fund here. Applications are on the honor system and there are no requirements to meet. When makers are selected, they receive a gift card to cover or subsidize a Little Skein purchase.

Should you apply to the Community Fund?

• If you live on a fixed income, or
• If you usually use more basic wools or acrylic yarn, or
• If the cost of my yarn or kits is not financially feasible for you at this time, or
• If multiple intersections of your identity are marginalized by systemic racism and/or bias ...
… then, yes, this program is for you.

I can't guarantee every applicant will receive a gift card in the month they apply, but I will keep you in the applicant pool for each month you are not selected.

Stories of impact

It's hard to quantify the impact of having beautiful materials to work with, or what feeling supported means, but I can share these anecdotes with you, which shows to me that the Community Fund is a piece of magic in a world that often doesn’t value our full humanity.

One maker, who is immunocompromoised, has been marginalized by Covid-19, isolating since the start of the pandemic and managing not only health challenges but also loneliness. She has been connected to another maker whose subscription yarn wasn't being used fast enough. One maker gifted her subscription to the other. They both feel supported, in community, and of value.

More than a dozen makers contributed part of their 2020 Stitches West shopping budget to the Community Fund, which was distributed to six makers who otherwise would not have been able to go to Stitches West. The Community Fund covered gas and snacks (via PayPal transfer) and shopping in my booth at Stitches West. Both donors and recipients felt supported and in community with one another, with each group of identities being held in confidence by me.

Over 125 individual makers have received my yarn and kits via the Community Fund, gifted to them (and with shipping paid by me) from more than 350 makers who've each contributed anywhere from $1 to $200 to the fund. 

Report of activities

Date Activity Contributed Granted


182 donors
68 grants

$3365 $3294
Shipping costs & product value donated by me $884
2020 147 donors
58 grants
$3738 $3648
Shipping costs donated by me $298
2021 26 donors
13 grants
$1513 $1674
Shipping costs donated by me $234
$8616 $8616