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  • hand-dyed yarn and small-batch kits, made by me in San Francisco

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  • Welcome! I'm Anne. I hand-dye yarn, make kits for knitters, and write words for the common good.

  • This is my beagle, Molly. She likes to steal yarn.

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  • Even though you don't "see" the way your yarn is made, I believe the way a business operates adds something intangible and important to the final product.

    I'd like to tell you about the values that drive my work and how they show up in the yarn or kit that arrives on your doorstep.

    • Making things by hand is powerful. Making things by hand is slow and deliberate, and I believe it is both a form of art and an act of resistance. When you make something by hand, whether it is a knitted or crocheted garment, or something sewn on your home machine, or a meal made to nourish your family, you are saying that your time matters. That enjoyment of making matters. That every other maker—and for whatever reason they make— matters. It is a tiny chip away at an unchecked culture of consumption and at systems of inequality and racism.

    • Everyone should earn a living wage. It's important to me that creative work is valued and compensated as the centrally important and irreplaceable work that it is. Everyone who contributes to Little Skein is paid, and I aim to exceed living wage standards.

    • Go beyond what's required. I believe business can do good in the world and thrive financially. My desire is for all of us to be well. I set my policies and practices accordingly.

    I am on a lifelong journey of becoming anti-racist. I am passionate about economics and in particular ending systems of inequality. I believe that art, knitting, and making things by hand can change the world for the better.