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FAQs, shipping & returns


We are delighted to ship orders worldwide. We ship your order by USPS first class mail with tracking. You’ll receive a shipping notice with the tracking number when your order goes in the mail. If your order ever fails to arrive, please let me know and I'll help track it down and, if need be, will gladly send a replacement.

Shipping rates


I don't live in the US. Will I be charged duty or VAT?
If your home country has a value-added tax (VAT), you are obligated to pay VAT on your purchase. I do not include VAT rates in my prices since I'm located in the US and have no way of submitting multiple VATs to multiple countries. I will offer this advice:  Some international packages are not assessed VAT and delivered just as I ship them; however, you should be prepared for your package to be inspected and assessed VAT.

Refunds and Exchanges

It's important to me that you are completely delighted with your purchase. If you are not, you may return it within 30 days for a full refund.

Shop updates

I update the shop with new stock on most Mondays throughout the day.

New kits

New kits are always released on a specific day and time, which is announced well in advance. Sign up for my newsletter if you want to be sure to know about new releases before they happen. Kits are limited in quantity, but we work hard to restock them as quickly as possible.

Custom orders

I’m delighted to take custom orders. If you see something in the Gallery of Sold Items that you love, please send me a note. I might be able to make one for you!

Cleaning and care of your project bag

Your project bag is made from unwashed cotton and cotton-linen fabric. The fabric is fully washable if you ever need to clean your project bag, and my recommendations are as follows:

Spot cleaning preferred: I recommend spot cleaning with a Tide stick to gently rub out the stained area. Your bag is constructed with unwashed, heavyweight fabric. If you prefer this super-crisp fabric appearance, avoid immersing it in water and clean it only with spot cleaning methods.

Washing machine instructions: If the stained area is too large to be cleaned with a spot clean, then you may wash the bag on a gentle cycle with mild detergent and a cold water wash/cold water rinse. Your bag is sewn with unwashed but, for the most part, preshrunk fabric, so there will be only a minimum of shrinkage or warping. That said, your bag will need a firm pressing after it is washed. Use a very hot iron with steam. Please note that the cotton-linen fabrics I use become softer and softer with each washing and grow into a beautifully "weathered" look. I adore this weathered look and actually wash all of my personal bags to help them obtain this look; however, if you prefer a super-crisp fabric, then avoid a full wash.

The Little Skein customer community

There's an active Little Skein customer community on Ravelry full of kind, welcoming and wonderful knitters. Please join us in the Knitalong with Little Skein group for pattern support, knitting encouragement, friendship, customer giveaways and news about upcoming kits and more.