How much has been donated?

I'm delighted to share a report of Little Skein's community support activities. This includes a full accounting of my Community Yarn Fund (donations received and grants given) as well as links to receipts for other promised donations.

Community Yarn Fund

The Community Yarn Fund provides my high-quality handmade knitting supplies to limited or low income makers while at the same time supporting my work. Contributions to the Fund are regranted, in the form of a gift card, to a limited or low income maker who uses the card to select products from my shop. I donate the cost of shipping, which makes contributions stretch a bit further.

Here's my report on the Community Yarn Fund activities:

Date Activity Contributed Granted Little Skein donation Fund balance


182 donors
68 grants

$3923 $3923
Shipping cost covered by Little Skein $944
January & February 2020 46 donors $1580
7 grants redeemed in person at Stitches West $720
7 grants given to online shop $860
as of March 10, 2020 $0
TOTAL $5503 $5503 $944


Therapy for Black Women and Girls

During two select periods in October 2019, I offered $1 shipping for my Rhinebeck collection which was promised to support Rachel Cargle's Therapy Fund for Black Women and Girls, which goes to help heal some pain of existing as a black woman living in America. I received just over 350 orders (or $350 worth of $1 shipping) and, on October 21, 2019, I rounded up and made a donation of $500.

True North Aid

As part of my Sweet Things kit which was inspired by arctic landscapes, I pledged to donate $3 per kit and/or pattern sold to True North Aid in recognition of the Indigenous people of the arctic. I sold 75 kits and/or individual patterns for a total of $225, and on October 27, 2019, I rounded up and made a donation of $325 Canadian (or ~$250 US).