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The Community Fund accounting

Created by me in 2019, The Community Fund connects the Little Skein community and helps my hand-dyed yarn and kits be more financially accessible to low-income and marginalized makers.

Little Skein customers and supporters opt to contribute to the fund, and at the end of each month, I select applicants to receive a gift card to cover or subsidize their Little Skein purchase. The fund also supports more people to experience the unique process of test knitting by providing full yarn support.

Here's my report on The Community Fund activities:

Date Activity Contributed Granted Little Skein donation Fund balance


182 donors
68 grants

$3923 $3923
Product value donated $572
Shipping costs paid $372
2020 147 donors
58 grants
$3738 $3648 $90
Shipping costs paid $290
2021 to date 23 donors
10 grants
$1350 $1440 -0-
Shipping costs paid $140