Gripping (knitted tentacle) kits coming on Tuesday, September 26!


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Welcome—and thank you for ordering a Gripping kit!
Here is all the information you need to knit your books and access your self-paced, guided knit-along!

The following video takes you through my process of creating these books, and it's filmed in a supportive style so that you have nice music and visuals, with a minimum of me talking to the camera. 😉

Watch it while making your Bookmarked knitted books to feel like we're knitting together!


(August 3: I'm finishing up the video and when it's ready, it will be here)


Timestamps (once the video is posted, you'll be able to click on a section, below, and jump to that chapter):

  • Introduction
  • What's in your kit?
  • Get your workspace ready
  • Let's look at my finished books, so you can visualize what you're doing
  • Glue the sliding box together
  • Prepare and glue the magnets
  • Glue the ribbon pull
  • Swatch
  • Knit the cover pouch
  • How to know when to stop knitting
  • Embroider the cover pouch
  • Knit the pages pouch
  • Blocking
  • Let's assemble some books!
  • Securing the ribbon pull
  • Grafting
  • Final embellishments
  • Sharing on social media

Here are two additional resources you to download:


If you are making the sliding box-style book

If you are making the sliding matchbox-style book, here is the portion of the guided video that shows you how to assemble and glue the flat pack box.


Do you want extra materials?

If you would like more supplies, just not in kit form, I am happy to share my sources with you:

Please do not share these links.

The video, sources for materials, and other templates are part of your kit purchase and part of what I sell (i.e., it's my job, so please don't give my work away for free!).

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