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    I'm Anne. I hand-dye yarn, make kits for knitters, and write words for the common good. I put fresh yarn in my shop most Sundays, in tandem with my Sunday newsletter.

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  • I've been looking for a bulky yarn to add to my line-up for several years. I've ordered test bases from three different mills and have dyed, knit with, and worn all of these different options. Nothing has met my personal bar for excellence until I found Harvest Bulky.

    Although every base I tried weighed 100g to each skein and had similar yardage, some bases were simply too dense. They felt heavy, not airy, like wet snow rather than the fluffy, airy snowflakes. Other bases were too drapey. They took dye beautifully but the final knitted item felt slinky rather than full of body.

    In my mind, the very best bulky weight yarn is one with lots of body that can stand up around my neck if I'm knitting a cowl with it and, yet, will be next-to-skin-soft.

    I'm so eager to introduce you to Harvest Bulky which absolutely has this profile. It's part of my most versatile, sustainable and squishy line of yarn. It's non-superwash and has a firm-enough twist that helps me achieve deep or complex colors, without sacrificing one bit of responsible, traceable production.

    The wool is Shaniko Wool, a merino-rambouillet blend that's grown ethically and responsibly in the western part of the US. The spinning happens in my home state of North Carolina in one of the few remaining spinning mills in the U.S. that specialize in creating yarn for the hand-knitting industry.

    Harvest colors, including Harvest Bulky, are slightly matte (rather than shiny), and the fabric you create with hand-knitting has body and squish (rather than drape). The firm twist and 3-ply structure helps it resist pilling for a bit longer than other super-soft yarns, and cables and texture simply pop.

    Harvest Bulky is:

    Gentle on the earth, non-superwash, grown and spun domestically.

    Next to skin soft

    Full of layered and complex color, with intentional dark blips to mimic low-contrast speckles when knit

    I will be offering Harvest Bulky seasonally (from December holidays through deep winter.)

    See which colors I'm currently offering