Wool wash for book & yarn lovers

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Just add water.

A bar of wool wash works just like a liquid wool wash, only instead of having the water pre-mixed, you add it yourself. You simply lather the bar in your hands like a regular bar of soap, let the lather fall into a bowl or tub of warm water, and submerge your knitted item. It's that simple.

  • Concentrated, so one bar will last a very long time
  • Made by hand by Tuft Woolens, with all natural ingredients and full of lanolin which softens and conditions your wool
  • No artificial surfactants or detergents, so it's gentle on the environment

My signature Little Skein scent is what I wash all of my yarn in, and it has top notes of basil and nectarine, for a fresh and summery scent.

Essential oils & extracts

Additives: Lanolin
Other ingredients: Saponified oils of coconut, palm, castor and olive

Here's Tuft Woolen's tutorial on how to use a wool wash bar.

  • Hay Dune is inspired by Sarah, Plain & Tall
  • Channel Islands is inspired by Island of the Blue Dolphins


Customer Reviews

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Best Wool Wash!

I love Tuft sock bar, I have one and it's what I use exclusively for socks and hats!
Hay Dune is my new favorite, it smells like a spring day after having the grass cut!

Divine in every way!

Little Skein and Tufts Channel Islands wool wash is the best! The custom scent is light and my favorite one. My hand knits love it too!