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Winterfell Cardigan yarn pack

I'm excited to introduce hand-dyed sweater sets for projects I have knit and love. Yarn is dyed to order, so you'll receive your yarn pack in about 2-3 weeks. I take extra care with it to randomly distribute speckles and ensure a low-contrast tonal variation in the yarn so that it will make the perfect fabric. You'll still need to alternate skeins, but you should be able to achieve the same rich and subtle fabric color that I have.

This yarn pack is for:

Winterfell Cardigan, a sport weight cardigan by Katrin Schneider
Please note: the pattern is not included. You will need to purchase the pattern separately from the designer here.

Colorway: The River Bank
Inspired by The Wind in the Willows
Merino Sport
100% superwash fine merino
328 yards | 100g

Choosing a size

The designer recommends choosing a size that is 1 inch larger than your bust.

Modeled view: I have a 35 inch bust and my finished sweater measures 36 inches. (Honestly, I could have added another inch or so of ease, but since I don't think I'll be wearing it buttoned, it doesn't matter quite as much.)

Finding your perfect size: Add the amount of ease you want to your bust measurement and then pick the closest size (or size range) below:

Size At gauge, sweater will measure No. of skeins Cost
Size A 32.5" 3 skeins $90
Size B, C, D & E 34.5", 36.2", 38.3", 40.3" 4 skeins $120
Size F, G, H, & I 42.4", 44.4", 46.5", 48.2" 5 skeins $150
Size J 50" to 60" 7 skeins $210
Size K 60" to 70" 8 skeins $240


Grading bonus: If your bust is larger than ~47" (size I), you will likely want to knit a size that's larger than the pattern includes. I am committed to inclusivity; therefore, if you order the size 50" to 60" or 60" to 70", your order includes 1 complementary hour of grading for an experienced tech editor to grade your pattern to your bust measurement + desired ease. (I've already figured out the yarn requirements, so your price is fully inclusive.)

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