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Whiskers on Kittens | shawl zip

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    Fabric that's a bold and exuberant love letter to The Sound of Music.

    I am delighted to add a second Sound of Music-inspired print to our collection of original fabrics for knitters, this one bold and bright. Also designed by Julie Lynch, this print is a modern, brushstroke graphic of Fräulein Maria's favorite things, with a slight knitterly twist. There are whiskers on kittens, of course, and beautiful yarn balls and handknit mittens!

    The interior print is the same as for our other project bags in the collection: a whimsical stripe that gives a wink to fair isle knitting with knitted edelweiss flowers and long strands of entwined yarn.

    Because the pattern design is so large, the exact "favorite things" that will be front and center on your bag will vary. If you have a particular favorite, please let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate you.


    Shawls zips are perfect for a two to three skein project, and are approximately 13 to 14" wide and 8.5" to 9" tall, with a boxed bottom. We offer two different types of finish to the fabric (this is the "style" of shawl zip we offer).

    Squishy bags are my personal favorite. For these, we use a fusible fleece interfacing which gives a slightly puffy profile to the bag and makes it super squishy. It remains flexible and more difficult to crease (like a flexible bag) but has more body and can stand open by itself (like a stiff bag). This style of bag reminds me of how a quilted bag might feel, just without the quilt lines.

    Stiff bags have a fusible, midweight interfacing ironed to the inside of the exterior fabric to give it extra body and heft. This bag will easily stand open on its own, with or without a project inside. It will crease when folded, but will bounce back nicely after being pressed with a hot iron.

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