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When The Last Petal Falls | Plum Deluxe inspired tea blend

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Enjoy a soothing cup of herbal tea in a hand-crafted blend created just for us by Plum Deluxe.

I am in love with Plum Deluxe's inspiring, heartfelt teas full of comfort, joy, and delicious taste. Andy at Plum Deluxe has created a blend that's inspired by Beauty and the Beast just for us and this kit. The specific blend is a surprise, but you'll find that it's herbal, soothing, and delicious. It's wonderful as hot tea, and iced as well.

You'll receive one ounce of this loose leaf tea in an airtight package. (Please note: tea infuser and teacup not included!)

If you're not familiar with how to use loose leaf tea, here's a simple tutorial on how to brew loose leaf tea.

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