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  • We're currently full for the inaugural session of the club. If you're interested to join a future session, please add your name to the "notify me" list. Thanks!

    Make your knitting and fiber group a safer space

    I invite you to join me and learn how to make our knitting and fiber spaces more inclusive. We’ll learn from the voices and experiences of writers, educators and makers of color.

    This study club is for knitters, weavers, spinners and crocheters who know that racism is real and insidious and want to be part of making our common spaces — and especially our fiber spaces — actively anti-racist.

    What's most important for you to know is this:

    The first step toward making a safe space is empathy.

    Books build empathy and spark important conversations. Not just for me; there's a whole body of research behind the value and impact of reading diverse books.

    With the guidance of two educators of color, we will read three books together, each of which has been carefully chosen to challenge racial stereotypes and build empathy and understanding.

    We’ll talk about the books in a safe, online space, and we’ll knit or crochet together while we talk. With supportive, helpful materials and fiercely committed educators, we’ll dive deep into topics like:

      • Which tangible actions make a space safe?
      • In what ways are we unconsciously supporting white supremacy?
      • What can we stop doing? What can we do more of?
      • How can we be thoughtful, informed and brave about race?

    The cost to participate is $25, which ensures that our discussion leaders and the creators of our study materials are fairly compensated.

    When you sign up, you'll be able to download the reading schedule, club details, and an initial set of materials on becoming anti-racist.

    As you’ve come to expect from Little Skein, all the makers involved with this project are fairly compensated, the discussion and products are thoughtful, and everything is stitched together with hope and belief that change is possible.

    All the club details — what we'll read, when and where the club will meet — are on the second tab above.

  • Club details

    We will read three books together. All are considered young adult or middle reader, which means they are relatively quick to read. All are award-winning, challenge stereotypes and will be catalysts for rich and helpful discussion.

    The books are:

    Led by two educators of color & designed for you

    Our discussion will be led by two wonderful educators: Tyne Swedish, a knitter and anti-racism educator, and Kathy Lew Clark, a knitter and children’s librarian.

    Book discussions take place in a safe, moderated online group.

    You receive supportive materials to help you move toward anti-racism, starting from where you are now.

    You receive literary guides to the books to spark your reflection.

    You'll be connected to fellow yarn and book lovers who share the value of anti-racism. 

    Your pledge

    By joining, you commit to listen, communicate to be understood, and abstain from stereotyping, tone policing or bias.   

  • Timeline

    We'll read one book every other month between April and September. During the last week of each reading period, we'll gather together in a safe online space (a Flock group, created just for us) to discuss the book and start teasing out lessons on how to apply what we're learning to our knitting, crochet and fiber spaces.

    We're now registering for Group 3, with reading and discussion dates as follows:

    • Sign up by April 6.
    • April and May: Read The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. Books are not included in the club, but you should be able to easily find the books or audiobooks at your local library.
    • April 22:  You'll receive a link to register for the online group and set up your profile
    • May 20 to May 26: We will discuss the book, anti-racism, and how to make yarn spaces safer in our online group.
    • June to mid-July: Read Harbor Me by Jacqueline Woodson.
    • July 15 to July 21: The online group opens again and we discuss our second book, anti-racism, and more.
    • August & September: Read The Other Half of My Heart by Sundee Frazier.
    • October 7 to October 13: The online group opens and we discuss our third book, anti-racism, and more.
    • October 14: Group 3 concludes.

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Book Club

Looks like a well thought idea, interesting books and a good way to spend some non-knitting time.