Walden shawl kit

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  • Find that quiet, handmade place in your heart with Walden

    As a girl, I loved to imagine life in a cabin in the woods, where I would make everything by hand and explore the natural world every day. I was fascinated with stories of nature and treehouses and especially tales of young people who went to live in the woods.

    Walden began as a way to honor this quiet, handmade place in my heart. That imaginary cabin in the woods where life is both simple and rich.

    The Walden shawl brings to life this feeling of both simplicity and ability. It's a crescent-shaped shawl but constructed in a slightly unconventional way. It has three wedges, two of which are simple stockinette, and the third is a trellised leaf cable.

    To me, Walden has become a touchstone. It's shawl, an illustration, and a bit of a handmade meditation that can remind me to go slow and enjoy the simple joy of making.

    About the kit

    I have four color options for Walden: the original deep ruby red, called Sugar Maple, Beautyberry (the pictured purple skein(, and Cabin (the pictured light brown). For Stitches West 2020, I also dyed on of my new spring colorways on this lovely Yak Blend: Garcia Girls. It's pictured separately and is a rich deep green-blue.

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So 👌 perfect

Every part of the Walden kit is perfect to the theme. The project bag with the soft tree print is beautiful, and indicates the calm to be found in knitting with the subtle, gorgeous yarn for this pattern. The other items add to the theme and value of this kit. The progress marker is so cute, the markers in the darling new tin, and the bar of soap are wonderful. The packaging is always beautifully done, and is a joy to open.
As usual, I love ordering and receiving kits from Anne at Little Skein 💛

Walden Shawl

I love my Walden Shawl kit. The yarn is beautiful and feels like it will be a pleasure to knit. The project bag is well made and I'm always delighted by the stitch and progress markers. I also like the patten and think it will yield a wonderful finished shawl. I'm eager to get started.

Walden Shawl Kit

I preordered the yarn and pattern. The pattern was immediately available; the yarn arrived several weeks later, as promised. It was nicely packaged, and I was delighted when I opened it and could hold the yarn in my hands. I look forward to knitting a lovely shawl with this beautiful yarn.

The essence of fall.

I have the rich Sugar Maple color and can’t wait to start knitting with this soft, cozy yarn. The project bag is a gem.

Walden Shawl Kit

Beautifully dyed yarn, an interesting pattern and a carefully constructed project bag. I love the quality of everything I have purchased from Little Skein.