Velveteen knitted rabbit kit

Let this little knitted bunny remind you of the power of being ... yourself.

The Velveteen Rabbit is one of my favorite stories, somewhere between a fairy tale and a fable. It follows a beloved, shiny stuffed bunny through his journey of becoming Real, having been loved so deeply that his fur has become tattered and his paws threadbare.

This knitted bunny was one of my very first kits, created for Little Skein by the talented toy designer Susan B. Anderson. I have reimagined the bunny in a softly speckled colorway with a vibrant jacket. Luxe kits includes a myriad of extra  touches right down to hand-crafted ceramic buttons and a convenient packet of stuffing.

The pattern, Bunny Love, is a perfect project for your first (or hundredth) knitted toy. It's easy to knit in the round, knit at a comfortable gauge, and all the parts (ears, legs, arms) are knitted on, so no fiddly seaming is required.

Knit the bunny for yourself to remind you of the power of being vulnerable, or give him as a gift. He'll remind you of the Velveteen Rabbit and perhaps another famous bunny named Peter, as well.

Ready-to-ship kits are sold out, but preorders will be open through February 28 (with shipping about 3-4 weeks after you order).

Kit options include:
• Luxe kit ($118) includes:
↠ Pattern: Immediate PDF download + Ravelry code in your kit
↠ Hand-dyed yarn: 100g skein of "Freckle Bunny" in our House Merino DK, plus a 25g coordinating miniskein (Raspberry or Navy)
↠ Wild Rabbits drawstring project bag
↠ Commemorative hardback of The Velveteen Rabbit
↠ Two handmade ceramic buttons
↠ Set of 8 themed stitch markers
↠ Progress marker
↠ Embroidery floss on a wooden bobbin
↠ Stuffing: polyfil and polypellets (note: polypellets can a choking hazard so use them only if your bunny will be loved by a child over the age of 3.)

• Yarn & pattern only kit ($44) includes just that: the Bunny Love pattern and the yarn you need to knit this bunny and his jacket (1 skein + a 25g mini-skein).

Customer Reviews

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Velveteen bunny kit

This is my first Little Skein kit and I am so happy with it. I have everything tucked into the bunny project bag. The speckled yarn is knitting up nicely and the progress marker looks so cute on my bunny! It will be a very special gift for my grandson.

Such special bunnies!

It was agony for me to resign myself to purchasing ONLY the yarn and pattern kit, as I have loved each and every full kit exquisitely compiled by Anne. (My family seems to think I have enough yarn and project bags - the nerve!)

The knitted project brought an unworldly squeal of delight from my daughter, who could not get over how precious it is. She keeps asking for whom it is intended, and I told her I plan to keep it. As I am able to knit two from this lovely yarn, I *could* possibly let her have one. Let's see how she advocates for my getting FULL kits from Little Skein before I go making hasty decisions!

Wonderful !

Yarn and instructions look perfect, I am sure my grand daughter will love it !!!!!!!!! Thanks !!!!!!!!!

Anne you do it again!

As always Anne you came through with the perfect kit! This bunny pattern by Susan B Anderson is just adorable and your curated yarn pick really fits the bill. Thank you too for the code to add the pattern to my Ravelry library!

My Velveteen Bunny

Little Skein always sends wonderful yarns and the bunny will look awesome in this speckley yarn- the purple mini for the sweater is so sweet!