Turkish Delight | House Sock

  • A robust, delightfully sproingy sock yarn, gently dyed by hand.

    Our House Sock is a super-squishy, strong and robust fingering weight yarn that's absolutely perfect for socks. It's 90% American Targhee wool and 10% nylon.

    You'll love knitting with House Sock. It has a strong twist, and the wool itself is bouncy and sproingy. The fabric it makes is strong and durable, and the resulting socks are exceptionally warm and plush. 

    Little Skein's House Sock
    Colorway: Turkish Delight
    90% superwash American Targhee wool, 10% nylon
    410 yards | 100 grams
    3-ply construction

    Color notes: Inspired by The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, this colorway is the icy blue of the White Witch's hold on Narnia with speckles of raspberry, plum, and creamy blue, like wee tiny pops of candied fruits.

  • House Sock is a very robust yarn. You might find that it knits up a bit more plush than other sock yarns.

    For socks, aim for a gauge of 7.5 to 8 stitches per inch, which is usually achieved with a needle size of 2.25mm to US size 2 (2.75mm).

    House Sock is composed of 90% Targhee wool. Targhee is one of the newer sheep breeds and its wool is three-quarters fine wool (like merino) and one-quarter long wool, making it a wonderful combination of soft and strong. You can read more about the Targhee sheep's fascinating history here.

  • Every skein has a story, and I dream up the colors for my yarn here in San Francisco. Your skein is then dyed by me, in my small San Francisco studio, or by my dye partner in Maine.

    I use a variety of creative inspirations for my colors, from the colors of my beloved San Francisco, to literature, to Pantone inspirations. My signature style is "watercolor speckles," where the yarn is created as a low-contrast variegate, with soft and random swirls of color overlaid with the tiniest and loveliest speckles of strong, pure color.

    Yarn is dyed in small batches, with color applied by hand and using professional acid dyes.

    Care: We recommend that you hand wash our yarns in cold or lukewarm water and lay your knitted item flat to dry. While superwash yarns are treated so that they can be machine washed, taking care to wash gently and air dry will greatly prolong the life of your handknit item.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
This Little Piggy

This yarn arrived safe and sound. It is absolutely beautiful and it will be the next pair of socks on my needles. It is ready to go and in a project bag. I can’t wait.

This Little Piggy

I used to pass a pig farm on my way to work years ago. This yarn is just the right color of new born piglets. But I know this one will stay clean!

Spring Pig sock yarn

It looks and feels great. I am looking forward to knitting with it Thank you

Spring Pig

I jumped for joy when I opened the package containing my skein of Spring Pig. It’s just so beautiful and squishy. I’m not sure if I’ll use it for socks or something else, but whatever it will become it will be a cherished knit.

Lamppost at the Edge of the Forest

I can hardly wait to make my December Socks! I love the reference to Lion Witch and the wardrobe

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