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    ↠ These kits ship in about a week. (Everything's ready, but it usually takes  a few days to get everything organized and packed after a big update like this.)

    ↠ If the options you want aren't listed or are sold out, you can preorder a kit here. We're delighted to make a kit for you with exactly what you want in it!

    Knit-along and vote-along.

    We marched, we knit pink hats, we knit sweet impeachment hats. But now, we can take the most powerful action of all: at the ballot box.

    "If something needs fixing, lace up your shoes and do some organizing." That’s what President Obama said, and that’s what we’re doing here at Little Skein.

    We are running a Sock the Vote! campaign from now till Election Day to encourage all left-leaning voters to go to the polls on November 6. We're also running a companion knitalong to help soothe your worries. If you believe as we do — in kindness, in lending a helping hand, and equality for all — please join us. Be a voter. Knit away your worries. Swing toward hope.

    Sock the Vote! kits include:

    Swing Left PDF pattern: a new sock pattern by designer Megan Williams that perfectly captures the feeling of movement in a vibrant left-swinging motif. Download it immediately and get a keepsake postcard with Ravelry code in your kit box.

    1 skein of House Sock yarn in a hopeful colorway: We have created two colorways for the kit. The first is a vibrant, layered blue called "Swing Left" that features all the shades of hope and light speckles of compromise, progressive values and a wee touch of acid indignation. The second is our Harvey Milk-inspired colorway "Gotta Give 'Em Hope" which has itsy bitsy rainbow speckles against a blue-grey sky background of hope.

    Drawstring project bag in either our Liberty Knits print or Sock the Vote (all the blue socks, raining down from the sky!), and an interior print, We the People, which has the happy faces of diverse Americans.

    Themed stitch markers

    Sock the Vote enamel pin

    Liberty Knits letterpress card

    I'm voting pledge card


    Our beautiful Liberty Knits artwork was created for me by artist Kimothy Joy and I am so happy to emblazon it as a symbol of the passionate face of knitting and political expression. For an interesting read on the long history of craft and political activism, I can commend this lovely article.


  • Feel good about what you buy.

    We believe in people who work creatively, and we put these values into everything we do. Your kit bag is made by a team who are compensated fairly for their expert craftsmanship, from the artist who draws the illustration to the person who hand-wraps your bag.

    You can delight in knowing that your entire kit and everything in it is handmade and carefully sourced.

  • Beauty in difference. Each bag is carefully handcrafted, so there will be some variation in where the fabric print is placed and minor variations in size or shape. We think that’s part of what makes each bag perfect – they’re not identical.

    Care for your Little Skein bag as you would a fine sewn garment. It can be washed if needed, and advice on washing is in my FAQ.

    Do you have allergies? I keep a well-organized and sparkling studio, without scents or stray threads. But the studio is also beagle-friendly. I keep Molly safely away from sewing and packing, but if you are highly allergic to dogs, please be aware that your bag will not be hypoallergenic.

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