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Secret Garden shawl zip

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    Roomy, beautiful, with expert construction. My shawl-sized zipper bag perfectly fits a two or three skein shawl project.

    This is a roomy bag that can fit three skeins, side by side, and still have room on top for your work-in-progress. (I start most of my sweater projects in a bag this size!)

    Shawl bags are hand-crafted out of my signature cotton-linen fabric, or a Japanese cotton-linen, which tends to be a bit softer and wonderfully flexible. I've found that most knitters have a favorite style for their zipper bags -- they might like to squish them down, or they like the bag to firmly "stand up" on its own. I make shawl bags in three styles:

    - ŸŸŸSquishy: This is my personal favorite and has a fusible fleece interfacing. It gives a slightly puffy profile to the bag, and makes it super squishy. It remains flexible and more difficult to crease (like a soft bag) but has more body and can stand open by itself (like a stiff bag). This style of bag reminds me of how a quilted bag might feel, just without the quilt lines.

    - Stiff: This style has a fusible, midweight interfacing ironed to the inside of the exterior fabric to give it extra body and heft. This bag will easily stand open on its own, with or without a project inside. It will crease when folded, but will bounce back nicely after being pressed with a hot iron.

  • This design was created with the following options:

    Exterior fabric: Custom-printed cotton-linen fabric

    Interfacing: All options available (soft, squishy and stiff)

    Interior fabric: Coordinating quilting cotton print

    Word ring says:

    Zipper color: Avocado or lime green


    My shawl-sized zipper bags:

    - Are approx. 13 to 14" wide and 8.5" to 9" tall, with an 8" by 5" rectangular base

    - Are made of 100% cotton or cotton/linen fabric

    - Have fabric tabs at the ends of the zipper, made of the coordinating interior print, for a polished and adorable look

    - Include a "word ring" that can be used as a connector for other bags or handles

    - Are machine stitched with beautiful top-stitching and fully enclosed seams

    - Have a satin ribbon zipper pull

    - Are created with love in a smoke-free, pet-free, kid-friendly studio

    Each bag is carefully handcrafted, so you should expect there to be some variation in fabric placement, as well as minor variations in size or shape. Your satisfaction is very important to me. Please let me know if you're not completely delighted with your purchase.


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