Removable stitch markers

Removable stitch markers can be oh so helpful to mark vertical parts of your knitting.

These bulb safety-pin style markers are useful, stylish and inexpensive. They are made of durable wire and wrapped in a flexible plastic coating. You'll receive 12 removable stitch markers, adorably packaged in a tiny glass bottle.

These are my universal size of 10mm, which glide smoothly and easily over smaller knitting needles such as a US size 3 (3.25mm) all the way up to a US size 9 (5.5mm). 

Customer Reviews

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Kathy Ulrich K.U. Kathy U.
Stitch Markers

Love the color of the markers! They will stand out against most yarns. These removable markers will be very useful.The glass container is very nice too.

Mare Pack M.P. Mare P.
Perfect Makers

Perfect little markers for sock knitting

Deborah Keene D.K. Deborah K.
Removable Stitch Markers

Great product!

Angella Cartwright A.C. Angella C.
Just what I was looking for

They work perfectly, don't snag and weigh almost nothing. Great addition to the knitting bag.

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