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Pippi-ment sock soap

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Almost as much fun as washing the floor with brushes on your feet.
I adore Tuft Woolen's sock soap. It's easy and fun to use -- just use the bar like you're washing your hands, letting a generous amount of soapy bubbles fall into a bowl of lukewarm water. Let your socks soak in the soapy water, and they'll get sparkling clean and fresh.

Martha at Tuft Woolens created this beautiful Pippi-mint soap just for our Bold and Brave kit. It's a perfectly smooth, peppermint scented bar full of all natural ingredients.

Sock soap is a beautiful invention: it contains lanolin which acts as a softening agent and conditions your wool and other natural fibers. There are no artificial surfactants or detergents. You can also use your soap as a softening body bar in the bath or shower.

Given the handmade nature of this product, every bar is unique.

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