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    Handmade to last, fabric that tells a story.

    A Little Skein project bag is for the knitter who loves making and reading with equal passion.

    You put your knitting and your time into a project bag, and we put in kindness, good feelings, and an authentic connection to a story you love.

    The process begins in my San Francisco home studio. First, I work with an artist to illustrate a theme for the story we’re celebrating. Then, I print the design on a substantial cotton-linen blend of fabric, and my team and I begin sewing.

    Be inspired every day. You don’t need a special occasion to use special things. A Little Skein bag is like a favorite book that fills you with happy memories every time you see it.

    Delight in beauty. Our handmade touch is distinct, from covered zipper ends to fully enclosed seams. When you use your Little Skein bag, you will know that it has been made with expert care, designed to last for years.

    Feel good about what you buy. We believe in people who work creatively, and we put these values into everything we do. Your project bag is made by a team who are compensated fairly for their expert craftsmanship, from the artist who draws the illustration to the person who hand-wraps your bag.

    Size info and more on the tabs (above).

  • Sizes to match your knitting process, not just your project.
    Each knitter’s process is as unique to them as their final project so we make project bags that suit how you like to knit. There are options for knitters who like to travel light, who need a bigger bag to keep their supplies all together, or who want to add a just little more to their project bag like a book or notions pouch.

    You can pre-order your project bag in any of these sizes:

    Drawstring bags: Lighter weight design for 1-2 skein projects; capacity of approx. 250 cubic inches; 10” tall and 5” wide when flat, with a square bottom.

    Sock 'n book totes:Our most lightweight bag for on-the-go knitting; holds 1 skein plus a small book; capacity for approx. 120 cubic inches.

    Sock zips:Ideal for 1 skein projects; capacity of approx. 62 cubic inches; 10” wide and 7.5” tall, with a rectangular bottom.

    Shawl zips: Ideal for 2-3 skein projects; capacity of 200 cubic inches; 13” wide and 8.5” tall, with a rectangular base.

    Molly tote: For sweater projects on the go. It has a contrast band of 100% wool felt at the top (perfect for displaying enamel pins) and webbed cotton handles. Capacity of 400 cubic inches; 16" wide and 11" tall, with a rectangular base.

    Sweater buckets: Ideal for very large projects – sweaters, blankets, or even multiple WIPs; capacity of approx. 1035 cubic inches; 14” wide, 8” tall and 9” deep with a rectangular base.

  • Beauty in difference. Each bag is carefully handcrafted, so there will be some variation in where the fabric print is placed and minor variations in size or shape. We think that’s part of what makes each bag perfect – they’re not identical.

    Care for your Little Skein bag as you would a fine sewn garment. It can be washed if needed, and advice on washing is in my FAQ.

    Do you have allergies? I keep a well-organized and sparkling studio, without scents or stray threads. But the studio is also beagle-friendly. I keep Molly safely away from sewing and packing, but if you are highly allergic to dogs, please be aware that your bag will not be hypoallergenic.

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