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La Belle et la Bête self-striping sock | Must Stash Yarn

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Welcome to a yarny Enchanted Forest
For Stitches West 2017, I hosted my friend and colleague from Must Stash Yarn in the Little Skein booth, and in celebration, we created a new kit inspired by the fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast. Kits were pre-released at Stitches and a full luxe cowl kit will be coming in early April.

For now, though, we have something special to share. This skein of yarn is a limited edition SOCK set, which draws from the kit's color palette and is a 12-stripe sequence on Must Stash's Perfect Sock base. I do not plan to re-release this sock colorway in our shop (though I'll ask Stacie if she can dye some for her shop!). The listed skeins here are all we plan to have.

Must Stash Perfect Self-Striping Sock
La Belle et La Bête
12 even stripes
Two 50g skeins: perfectly matched and twisted together
75% superwash merino and 25% nylon
440 yards | 100 grams

Type: Yarn

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