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For Stitches West 2017, I hosted my friend and colleague from Must Stash Yarn in the Little Skein booth and, in celebration, we created a new kit inspired by the fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast.

I am delighted to offer ready-to-ship wide stripe, non-matching sock yarn, so that you can knit one sock in a 12-stripe Belle colorway, and the second sock in a 12-stripe Bête colorway. You will receive two 50g coordinating skeins:

Belle has 12 stripes of 9-10 rows each of:

  • Light rose, princess pink, raspberry, and purple rose
  • Ice blue, sky blue, delft blue, and dusty blue
  • Pale yellow, lemon, straw, and light brown

Bête has 12 stripes of 9-10 rows each of:

  • Pale mint, sage, leaf green, forest green
  • Lemon, sunny yellow, leather brown, and dark brown
  • Sky blue, delft blue, dusty blue, navy blue

Yarn details

Must Stash Perfect Self-Striping Sock
La Belle et La Bête
12 wide stripes of 8-10 rows per color
75% superwash merino and 25% nylon
440 yards | 100 grams

Customer Reviews

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Geri Hildreth G.H. Geri H.
Such a Joy

It is always such a pleasure getting one of the kits from Little Skein in the Big Wool. The packaging is artfully arranged and all the supplies are so pretty. Thank you Anne for another fun project.

Helen H. Helen
Just perfect

Love this soft and beautiful yarn!

Casey Koetting C.K. Casey K.
Wonderful kit!

This kit was put together beautifully. All of the items are great quality, and attention to detail with the packaging made it extra special. It was such a treat to open each item. The yarn is beautiful, and the pattern delivery through Ravelry with a code is perfect. Looking forward to getting this on the needles.

Heather Russell H.R. Heather R.

I haven't started knitting this project but I absolutely love the colours of this yarn. They are so true and strong. I need to print the pattern to begin. This is my first order with Little Skein and I am very pleased with what I see. Love the colourful wrapping of my special order. Very nice touch..I have received special attention. Thanks so much

Penelope Dubois P.D. Penelope D.

Love the kit. ❤️❤️

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