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Jersey Cow | Cashmere Blend

Cashmere Blend is a yarn that feels like coming home.

This is the most luxurious yarn I dye and makes the softest, drapiest, most perfectly plush fabric. It's a plump fingering weight yarn with a blend of 70% extrafine Merino wool, 20% cashmere, and 10% nylon. It has a lovely tight twist and 3-ply structure that makes texture and cables pop.

This is my perfect yarn for shawls, cowls, and lightweight sweaters. I've recently started using Cashmere Blend for socks, too, and they're plush and luxurious! (They do pill a bit when wearing around the house without shoes, but a quick refresh with my Gleener and they look beautiful again.)

Speckles on Cashmere Blend are sublime: tiny, crisp, and with just a dash of watercolor smudge.

Colorway: Jersey Cow
: Cashmere Blend
: 70% extrafine merino wool, 20% cashmere, 10% nylon
: 420 yards per 115g skein

Yarn specifications

Cashmere Blend is an ultra luxurious, robust fingering weight yarn. It contains more cashmere than the typical MCN yarn, which makes it super soft and wonderfully drapey.

Cashmere Blend is my perfect shawl yarn (and used to be named my House Blend no. 2). I've recently been loving it for socks and hats, too.

Cashmere Blend
70% superwash merino wool, 20% cashmere & 10% nylon
420 yards | 115 grams
3-ply construction
Merino wool grown in New Zealand; cashmere grown and nylon created in Italy
Yarn spun in Canada

Do you need to alternate skeins?

For socks, no. For garments and shawls that use more than one skein, yes. All of my yarn is dyed by hand in small batches of four skeins. There will be variations in color intensity and placement. I think that’s part of what makes each skein perfect – they’re not identical. If you will be using more than 1 skein in your project, alternate skeins to blend any color differences.

Caring for your finished item

My yarn should always be hand-washed with a gentle wool wash and cold-water rinse.

Depending on the difference in chemistry between your local water and mine, there may be some color residue in the wash process. Washing and rinsing in cold water will help to minimize this.

Always let your knitted item air dry to prevent shrinking or felting and to keep your item looking its best.