Climbing Ivy shawl pin

Beautiful, functional and elegant: Climbing Ivy is everything I love in a shawl pin.

Climbing Ivy is an original design created by jeweler and fiber artist Leslie Wind, especially for my Secret Garden kit. Leslie has designed for Little Skein before, and I was thrilled when she happily agreed to collaborate with me again on the Secret Garden.

The Climbing Ivy shawl pin is approximately 3 inches tall and 1.5 inches wide. It fits precisely inside one of the shawl “leaves" of the Secret Garden shawl to outline the leaf in softly textured metal, and works equally well on any shawl.

The pin closure is unique – it’s a bracket-style design that holds closed multiple layers of fabric, without needing a separate “pin” or “stick.” It’s the perfect type of shawl pin for knitters who have a small person in their life who likes to give and receive hugs – there’s no sharp ends to the pin to accidentally poke someone.

Please see my styling video on how to wear the pin and style your Secret Garden shawl.