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Christmas in the Big Woods progress marker

This adorable row marker was handcrafted by Heather of Sweet n' Savory Trinkets especially for my Big Woods kit. Heather makes utterly adorable miniature food from polymer clay, attaches a lobster claw clasp, and the result is a perfectly enchanting knitting row marker. I have a very few remaining and am delighted to offer them for sale individually.

Heather's creations are some of my absolute favorites to use for row markers, and I was delighted when she created this lovely stack of Christmas morning pancakes for the kit, seemingly straight from the pages of "Little House in the Big Woods." In addition to working perfectly as a row marker, this charm can also attach anywhere you might like to use it -- as a zipper pull, necklace charm, bracelet charm, and more.

Customer Reviews

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My daughter loved the gift!

This zipper pull was a small gift for my daughter who loves coffee and knitting. She loved the details and craftsmanship!

Zipper pulls

Love the ideas I got

Deceptive description

I love my progress marker but I thought I would be getting a set not a single one. I read through the description again and I don't see any clear indication that you would be getting just one instead of a set. The pictures are all shown together too which also led me to believe that I would b getting a set. I probably would not of ordered this had I known it was just a single marker. Or maybe put in the description something about request for which "one" of the types you would like to receive because if I had known it was just one I would of requested a teacup or teapot. I received a sugar cup.

Esther--I'm sorry the description wasn't clear to you, and appreciate the feedback. I would be delighted to swap your progress marker for the type you prefer. Just let me know. Warmly, Anne
Be Our Guest Progress Marker

I love my little "Be Our Guest Progress Marker"! I also appreciate the little extra note card added to my order for waiting patiently for my order to be filled. I am a repeat customer and I am never disappointed. Packaging, service, and products are wonderful! Thank you.

Enchanted zipper pull

Love it, great quality, replaced a broken zipper

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