Be Our Guest progress marker

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These are in very limited quantity but I am expecting more charms to arrive soon. Please add your email address to be notified when "Be Our Guest" progress markers are back in stock. Thanks!

Cheer yourself on as you knit.
This progress marker attaches to your knitting with a secure, yet still delicate, lobster clasp that's light enough that it won't stretch out your stitches but strong enough to remain firmly placed on your knitting. Move it to your current row at the beginning of any knitting session to show yourself just how much you've knit -- and help cheer yourself on as you go!

Be Our Guest is a lovely, miniature china cup with a delicate rose print on it. We have both teapots and china cups, and they remind me of a dollhouse miniature. I've added a durable split ring and lobster clasp, so that it can be used as either a progress marker or tiny zipper pull.

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