Be Our Guest progress marker

Cheer yourself on as you knit.

This progress marker attaches to your knitting with a secure, yet still delicate, lobster clasp that's light enough that it won't stretch out your stitches but strong enough to remain firmly placed on your knitting. Move it to your current row at the beginning of any knitting session to show yourself just how much you've knit -- and help cheer yourself on as you go!

Be Our Guest is a lovely, miniature teacup, teapot or sugar pot with a delicate rose print on it. You'll receive one of these, which I'll choose for you. And, if you have a preference for one type of charm, over another, just let me know in the notes section of your order.

Progress markers have a durable split ring and lobster clasp, so that it can be attached to your knitting to mark your knitting progress or used as a tiny zipper pull.

Customer Reviews

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Esther Hall E.H. Esther H.
Deceptive description

I love my progress marker but I thought I would be getting a set not a single one. I read through the description again and I don't see any clear indication that you would be getting just one instead of a set. The pictures are all shown together too which also led me to believe that I would b getting a set. I probably would not of ordered this had I known it was just a single marker. Or maybe put in the description something about request for which "one" of the types you would like to receive because if I had known it was just one I would of requested a teacup or teapot. I received a sugar cup.

Esther--I'm sorry the description wasn't clear to you, and appreciate the feedback. I would be delighted to swap your progress marker for the type you prefer. Just let me know. Warmly, Anne
Deborah Gregoire D.G. Deborah G.
Be Our Guest Progress Marker

I love my little "Be Our Guest Progress Marker"! I also appreciate the little extra note card added to my order for waiting patiently for my order to be filled. I am a repeat customer and I am never disappointed. Packaging, service, and products are wonderful! Thank you.

M M. M
Enchanted zipper pull

Love it, great quality, replaced a broken zipper

M M. M
Knitterly zipper pull

It is beautiful and well made. I love it.

Michelle Pierce M.P. Michelle P.
Delightful Apple Strudel

This little marker is adorable! It doesn't weigh down my knitting and it has a high level of detail - you can see the apple slices inside the pastry as well as the icing on top. It reminds me of the toy food I used to feed my troll dolls and that gives me a little dose of happy!

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