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Bookmarked | the everything kit

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Let's make some tiny, knitted books with secret compartments, just for the pure pleasure of it!

The utterly ingenious pattern by Hunter Hammersen walks you through absolutely every step of creating these knitted books, from how to block your book-in-progress to how to attach the inner "pages" (which is actually your handy storage compartment).

I created a palette of hand-dyed yarn colors inspired by antiquarian books and used bookstores, and I have gathered absolutely positively everything you will need to create 1 sliding drawer book (the large one) and 2 altoid-tin style books (the small one).

Your kit includes

  • Hand-dyed yarn in my 80/20 Smooth Sock (fingering weight) base. You get a full skein (115g) of the main colorway of your choice and a half-skein (50g) of Lightly Foxed (the creamy and gently speckled "pages" colorway).
  • The insides: 2 altoid-style tins and 1 large heavy cardboard slide box (packed flat; you'll glue it together)
  • The outsides: Heavy-duty cardboard covers & spines for all 3 "books"
  • Hardware & notions: All the rare earth magnets you'll need (24 tiny ones), a tapestry needle and stitch markers in adorable corked glass vials, and a teeny tube of superglue
  • The embellishments: Hand-dyed silk embroidery thread, satin-finish ribbon for making pulls and ties, and a metal Merchant & Mills button
  • A guided knit-along video. Your kit includes a video with my peer-to-peer tips for making these little books.

Just think how adorable your two little knitted books will be, as they sit on your coffee table or desk, holding your knitting notions—or maybe a secret love note!

Read this if you already own the pattern 👇🏻

If you have already purchased the Bookmarked pattern (from Ravelry, the Tiny Nonsense website, or Payhip), select "Yes" above in the field that asks, "Do you already own the pattern?". I'll refund you $10.(Please give me a day or so to process everything, just in case I have lots of orders to work through.)

IMPORTANT:You will get an auto-link to the pattern PDF when you purchase the kit. Do not download the pattern. Don't click on the link, even by mistake. If you download the pattern, I will not refund you. (By clicking on the link, you are essentially buying the pattern again. Don't do this if you already own it!)

Yarn specifications

80/20 Smooth Sock is my perfect workhorse fingering weight yarn. It's plump and robust, and creates a bouncy fabric. Use it for anything from socks to shawls to lightweight garments.

80% superwash merino wool, 20% nylon
420 yards | 115 grams
3-ply construction
Merino wool grown in New Zealand; nylon created in Italy
Yarn spun in Canada