The Beatrix box (pay as you go)

  • "There is something delicious about writing the first words of a story. You never quite know where they'll take you."
    —Beatrix Potter

    We all know Beatrix Potter as the creator of Peter Rabbit and wee beautiful children's books. But there is a deeper story to Beatrix and her illustrations. Beatrix forged her way in a male-dominated Victorian world to have a career on her own terms and to immerse herself in the things that brought her joy.

    Four modern knitwear designers and I will be taking inspiration from Beatrix's life and art this year to create boxes of knitterly joy for you. I cordially invite you to join us.


    Each Beatrix Box has a new pattern and yarn (or project bag) in it, but the box is so much more than this.

    My subscription box brings to life the values and artistic quality you've come to expect from Little Skein. They are a present to yourself, a delight to open, and fuel your knitting with inspiration and good feelings.


    Tab 2 (above) tells you specifically what's in each box, but what your subscription truly includes is:

    The perfect blend of choice and surprise: I create three colors for each box, and you choose which one(s) you want. This way, you always receive a color that thrills you. (And you can order more if you love them all.)

    Harmony with each season: Each designer is paired with a seasonal box that plays to her style, so you receive a stunning pattern during the season you want to knit it.

    Joy that we celebrate together: Each box is centered around the idea of joy and making one's own place in the world. If you dive into the work and ethos of the makers involved, you will see a group of amazing women who, each in her own way, is forging a new path in the knitting community.

    I cordially invite you to join us in a world that's full of art, inspiration, beauty and a warm welcome.

Customer Reviews

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Little Stitches Subscription

I loved getting a year subscriptions of little surprises in the snail mail as a gift in 2019. My Paintbox Wrap shawl is something I will treasure with memories of the books it represents. Beautiful yarn, useful knitting notions, and wonderful smells from the candles & creams in each carefully curated. My 4 star rating is because I was disappointed in the last 6 months of the "subscription"- subscriber shop updates did not happen as advertised and also there was not much discussion for the last 3 books that were being read in the form of Anne's notes giving us her insight to colors/ process and thoughts: nor much discussion in the Ravelry group among the members. As a LONG time customer this is the first time I have been disappointed with anything Little Skein.

Dear Jacque: I wanted to add an addendum to your public review. Your feedback was so helpful to me, and I very much appreciate you offering it. Your comments guided the last update of 2019, where I offered all box colorways on all bases. I did, indeed, drop the stitch on regular subscriber updates, and I appreciate you giving me a chance to recoup my good standing. With appreciation and affection, Anne.
Party in my mailbox

Always happy to receive my box of amazing crafting supplies with that extra little something that enhances creativity

Simply the best

This box is simply the best. A true delight for the eyes, hands and nose! Thank you, Anne, for your extraordinary skill in composing these beautiful kits.

Beautiful & Thoughtful

This box did not disappoint. It was beautiful, thoughtfully curated, and an overall delight. I cannot wait for my next one.

SOOO much fun!

Loved my box of goodies! It felt like everything in the box was picked out especially for me! Love the children’s literature themes!!