Apple Cider | Watercolor sock blank

  • Ravel and unravel: the pleasure of knitting a hand-dyed sock blank.

    Sock blanks are a fun and slightly magical way to knit socks. A sock blank is a "blank" piece of flat, machine-knit fabric (very long and slightly curled at the edges, because it's created in stockinette stitch). We hand-dye the blank using all sorts of wonderful techniques to give it a speckled and marbled appearance.

    You then pick out one strand at the top of the blank and begin knitting your socks. The magic happens with the color movement in your finished socks.  Color transitions that look one way on the sock blank end up appearing with speckles and pops in your finished socks, which looks both random and painterly.

    The yarn in a sock blank is slightly kinked, which gives your finished socks a mottled and handspun appearance. Hand-dyed sock blanks are a fun way to experiment with color and create coordinating, and yet non-matching, socks.

    Our sock blank fabric is a beautiful blend of merino and nylon which makes strong and hard-wearing finished socks, and our dye style echoes a watercolor painting.

    Little Skein's Watercolor Sock Blank
    Colorway: Apple Cider
    Inspiration: New York Sheep & Wool Festival
    80% superwash merino wool, 20% nylon
    435 yards | 4 ounces (115 grams)
    4-ply construction

    Color notes: Kettle-dyed a soft maple red and then overdyed with mustard, creating a marbled underwash of color. Dribbled and speckled with olive green and chocolate brown.

  • The yarn in our sock blanks is strong and created specifically for socks. It's a lovely blend of 80 percent superwash merino and 20 percent nylon. It has a 4-ply construction, which helps to create long-wearing socks.

    For socks, aim for a gauge of 7.5 to 8 stitches per inch, which is usually achieved with a needle size of 2.25mm to US size 2 (2.75mm).


  • Every skein has a story, and I dream up the colors for my yarn here in San Francisco. Your skein is then dyed by me, in my small San Francisco studio, or by my dye partner in Maine.

    I use a variety of creative inspirations for my colors, from the colors of my beloved San Francisco, to literature, to Pantone inspirations. My signature style is "watercolor speckles," where the yarn is created as a low-contrast variegate, with soft and random swirls of color overlaid with the tiniest and loveliest speckles of strong, pure color.

    Yarn is dyed in small batches, with color applied by hand and using professional acid dyes.

    Care: We recommend that you hand wash our yarns in cold or lukewarm water and lay your knitted item flat to dry. While superwash yarns are treated so that they can be machine washed, taking care to wash gently and air dry will greatly prolong the life of your handknit item.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

What a gorgeous color and beautiful yarn! Now to find the perfect project to share it with.


Soft and just amazing coloring!

Rich and soft!

Such a rich color! Can’t wait to get started!


Just love the subtle color changes in the Glen Ellen sock blank. Now to find a sock pattern worthy of it.

Lovely sock blank!

I received the Glen Ellen sock blank - the colorations are really lovely and I was pleasantly surprised by the feel of the yarn. It’s beautiful!

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