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It is never too early to start having conversations with kids about racism and gender. These books are:
  • Hardcover
  • Independently published and sold through official retailers only
  • Important books for every kid's library
  • Written to be clear, understandable, and fully age appropriate

A Kids Book About Racism is a simple, clear explanation of what racism is and how to know it when you see, written specifically for ages 6 and older.

A Kids Book About Systemic Racism helps kids understand what systemic racism is and how it's built into laws, schools, stories, and other institutions in a way that collectively makes life much harder for people of color. For ages 6 and older.

A Kids Book About Being Non-Binary explains what it means to be outside the gender binary. For ages 5 and older.

A Kids Book About Being Transgender explains how a person's gender experience is individual to them. For ages 5 and older.

Kids are ready. (I love this slogan from the publisher!)