Yarn & project bag care

How to care for your knitted item

While most of my yarn bases are superwash, my experience is that your finished knitted item should be hand-washed or washed delicately in order to preserve color, longevity and size. I strongly recommend that you:

• Hand-wash or machine wash delicate

• Use cold water

• Use a pH-neutral wool wash

I follow best practices to ensure colorfastness and to minimize color bleeding. That said, whether or not "bleeding" will happen depends on the difference in chemistry between your local water and mine here in San Francisco. There is an excellent article about how water affects color in the June 2018 issue of Spin Off magazine, and if you are interested to learn more, I commend the article to you.

How to care for your project bag

Care for your Little Skein bag as you would a fine sewn garment. Your project bag is made from 100% cotton and cotton-linen fabric. The fabric is fully washable if you ever need to clean it, and my recommendations are as follows:

Spot cleaning preferred: I recommend spot cleaning with a Tide stick to gently rub out the stained area. Your bag is constructed with unwashed, heavyweight fabric. If you prefer this super-crisp fabric appearance, avoid immersing it in water and only spot clean.

Washing machine instructions: If the stained area is too large to be cleaned with a spot clean, then you may wash the bag on a gentle cycle with mild detergent and a cold water wash/cold water rinse. Your bag is sewn with unwashed but, for the most part, preshrunk fabric, so there will be only a minimum of shrinkage or warping. That said, your bag will need a firm pressing after it is washed. Use a very hot iron with steam.

Please note that the cotton-linen fabrics I use become softer and softer with each wash and grow into a beautifully "weathered" look. I adore this look and actually wash many of my personal bags to help them obtain it; however, if you prefer a super-crisp fabric, avoid a full wash.