Subscription box


Thanks so much for subscribing to Little Stitches, a small box of wonderful, themed knitting treasures.

Your March box is inspired by Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. As I developed the box, I focused on the soft yellows and pinks of Regency England, colors so often worn by Jane and her characters. I also thought about some of the traditions of Jane's world, from high tea in beautiful china cups, to walks in the Pemberley gardens, to the ball at Netherfield.

In your box

The March subscription box contains:

One or two 25g mini-skein(s) on our new House Blend yarn. Each mini-skein is 25 grams, or 90 to 100 yards. We created three colorways for the box, and while you've received one (or two of them), here are all three:

A wee lemon tartlet progress marker, handcrafted and delightfully detailed, from The Nome Knitter.

Two lip balms made by Tuft Woolens: Fresh Cut Lemon and Tea at Pemberley.

A set of themed stitch markers. I created two varieties, and chose yours at random. Here are both of them: China Rose (the teacup) and High Tea (the teabag).

A letterpressed bookmark with a quote from Jane Austen. It was created for me by the artists at Tag Team Tompkins.

An extra to celebrate the launch of the box: I ordered one of my very favorite loose leaf teas to share with you. It's called the Jane Austen blend and comes from Gillard's tea shop in Bath, UK. Here's some instructions on how to brew loose leaf tea, and if you like the blend, you can order more directly from Gillards. I've included enough for 2-3 cups of tea. Use 1 teaspoon per cup.

Your pattern: Lemon Tea

Your box includes a pattern for your mini-skein that can be completed in one or two evenings, and that will give you a taste of the yarn and colorway. This month, it's a coaster with an embossed lemon pattern on it. Make one to try to the yarn, or make a set of 3 from a single mini-skein.

If you will be working from the printed chart, here is the symbol key and abbreviations.

Shop the March box

Full skeins of all three colorways, as well as the stitch markers, will be available for subscribers to order between March 27 to 31. After that time, they'll be open for regular shoppers.