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Preview knitting

My preview knitting program puts a different spin on what many designers call a test knit. Preview knitters get to knit an upcoming pattern which will soon become a full kit in my shop. I provide the yarn, a tech-edited pattern from which to knit, and, when knitters are finished, they get to keep the finished item and receive a $40 gift card to my shop.

I recognize that knitting is a skill, and a preview knitter's time and effort are instrumental in helping me spread the word about an upcoming pattern or kit for my business. Therefore, I am committed to compensating preview knitters with yarn, products from my shop, the warm feeling of being connected more deeply to the Little Skein community through group camaraderie, and my deepest gratitude.

I announce preview knits on Instagram and on my mailing list, so if you are interested in being a preview knitter, please follow me in one or both of these spots.

How a preview knit works
I send you a tech-edited, ready to publish pattern plus enough of my hand-dyed yarn to knit the item.
  • The yarn and finished item are yours to keep.
  • You will have appropriate time to knit the item. (Deadlines are announced before you sign up, so you can be sure you have time in your knitting schedule.)
  • You knit the item, take pretty pictures along the way and share them on Instagram. You also create a Ravelry project page for your finished item.
  • You grant me license to repost and use your photos.
  • When you're finished knitting and have shared photos (within the agreed upon timeframe), I send you a gift certificate for $40 to use in my shop.

I generally choose from 6 to 12 preview knitters per project.

Here's what I look for:

  • Knitting ability and speed, as shown in your Instagram feed and/or Ravelry project pages
  • Your platform and ability to help spread the word
  • Styling of your photos
  • Whether our values align. Mine are here.
  • Whether you are part of a traditionally marginalized group. I pay special attention to make sure everyone is represented in my preview knitter program.
What's being preview knit right now?

You can view current and past preview knits on Instagram with #littleskeinpreviewknit.