About your current subscription box


Little Stitches is our every-other-month subscription box, and it's a small box of wonderful, themed knitting treasures.

The September box was inspired doubly by Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice and the more modern BBC mini-series Lost in Austen.   We created three colorways for the yarn in this box: Fresh-Faced Bennet Sisters, a delightful low-contrast variegate of peaches and soft blues and lavenders. I was inspired by this photo from the BBC mini-series which shows the lovely Bennet sisters:

 The other two colorways are named "Not One Heartbeat Do I Forget" and "Longbourn" and they are darker shades of blues and purples, respectively. They pick up on the lovely purple top that modern-day Amanda wears in the mini-series as well as the ever-present dusky blues that Mr. Darcy loves to wear. Here are all three colorways together:


One of the behind-the-scenes things we are doing with our Austen colorways is creating them to work together, so the mini-skeins you receive in your boxes will ultimately work in a single, larger project, if you choose not to knit the small patterns that come with each box.

Also in the September box

In addition to one or two 25g mini-skeins of these new colorways, the September box includes:

A tiny fig cookie, handcrafted and delightfully detailed, from The Nome Knitter.

Lip balm duo made by Tuft Woolens: This month, our scent inspirations are champagne and figs, and Martha at Tuft Woolens has created two of her wonderfully creamy lip balms for the box.

A set of themed stitch markers. I created three varieties for this box, and choose each box's set at random. They are Bubbly, Love Letter, and Key to My Heart, with the colors of the beaded rings coordinating with the yarn.

Letterpress bookmark: Our very first subscription box included a letterpress bookmark and I've had such wonderful feedback that I opted to include another variety of this bookmark from Tag Team Tompkins. It features a quote from Jane Austen about, what else, the love of reading and books!

Your pattern: Your box includes a pattern for your mini-skein that can be completed in one or two evenings, and that will give you a taste of the yarn and colorway. This month, it's a lace bookmark. I found a vintage lacework pattern that Jane Austen (supposedly!) stitched, and recreated it in a simplified version for this bookmark. It has a tassel at the top, and I have an easy tutorial on how to make a tassel on my YouTube channel.

Adagio tea tin: This month, I've added a tin of loose leaf tea from premium tea maker Adagio. The tins are printed with various characters from Pride and Prejudice, and the specific tea blends also reflect the characters. This addition had me chuckling with delight, and I hope it does the same for subscribers!

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Full skeins of yarn, as well as stitch markers and other extras from the box, will be available for subscribers to order the week of September 26. After that time, we'll open up the extras from this box to everyone else.