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Collaborating with Little Skein


We release three to four new kits each year, and we are always looking for new artists with whom to partner and who would be good matches for our kits. While most of our kit partnerships are initiated by Little Skein, we're delighted to be introduced to yarn dyers, illustrators and fiber artists that are new to us. 

We are currently collaborating with and looking for:

  • Yarn hand-dyers who offer wholesale pricing and quantities
  • Illustrators who are interested to have their work translated onto fabric
  • Potters and ceramics artists
  • Jewelry makers, particularly those who create shawl pins
  • Embroidery designers

We greatly value our partners' artistic work and pay competitive fees for licensing and pattern design, and market rates for wholesale products. We put our hearts into marketing and promotions for each kit, so that everyone benefits.

If you would like to work with Little Skein on an upcoming kit or if you know someone whose work you'd like to see in an upcoming kit, and if you think our aesthetics are a good match, please send me an email of introduction. I'd love to know:

  • Who you are, with links to photos of your work and/or your online shop
  • What you're interested to work on together (e.g., yarn, shawl pin, etc.)
  • More about your aesthetic
  • Why you think your work would be a good match for a Little Skein kit