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Agaric Shawl tutorials

The Agaric shawl is the pattern in Beatrix Box no. 5 (February 2021)
It brings to life one of Beatrix Potter's lesser-known passions: studying and drawing mushrooms. With both literal and whimsical flair, Agaric mimics the agaric mushroom, the red speckled toadstool of fairy tales, and which grows in Beatrix's adopted home of the Lake District of England. Bobbles look like agaric speckles and the lace edging resembles the tiny layers of lichen that you might find on the forest floor. It's a scrumptious and beautiful design.
Agaric is a comfort knit, with an easy triangle shape, stitch patterns and stripes that are just different enough to keep your interest, and yet everything is easy enough for television knitting.
Two tutorials are included:
How to work 1/1 cable crosses without a cable needle
How to work the Agaric bobble