Sock School 2018

Sock School is Little Skein's annual summer knitalong. This is our third year of "school," and I very warmly invite you to knit socks with me this summer.

Why socks?  This year, reading the newspaper has been hard, with seemingly each week bringing a different story of sadness and policies that break my heart. When my emotions run strong, knitting soothes me. Every time. If you're here, knitting likely does the same for you. It's both a container for love and a way to direct all the worry, sadness, hope, and love that can roil around inside of us. Socks are also the perfect container for all these feelings: they’re light, portable, and wonderfully addictive to knit. So, once again, this summer, I invite you to challenge yourself to knit your first pair of socks, try a new construction, or knit (lots and lots of) vanilla socks. Set your own goals.