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  • Avocado balm

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    For working hands and tender hearts

    Early in the pandemic, I decided to start taking really good care of my skin. I learned about natural ingredients, what comedogenic means (won't clog pores), how different types of butters and oils feel as I use them, and I created what I think is a pretty fantastic hand balm.

    I use it every single day.

    It's my perfect blend of how it feels (silky), how it smells (slightly citrus and slightly earthy), and how it works (deeply moisturizing and penetrates rough areas like knees and delicate enough to use on my face).

    This is a body butter, so there is no water whatsoever (and thus doesn't need preservatives). It is:

    • made in my sunny San Francisco kitchen, primarily out of pure avocado butter
    • 4 ounce jar
    • pale green in color (because, avocado)
    • smells of matcha green tea and citrus essential oils
    • super rich, so you need just a dab to thoroughly massage your hands, but it's also great to slather on your feet and then put your socks on, for a deep moisturizing foot treatment

    Ingredients: Avocado butter, rosehip oil, jojoba oil, matcha green tea powder, arrowroot, sweet orange essential oil, and cucumber seed oil.