Sweater quantity discounts

I love dyeing sweater quantities of yarn. It's a special kind of collaboration between you and me. You find a pattern you love or simply ask for the yardage you know will be a sweater quantity (Stashbot is a great app for this). You choose the yarn colorway and base that makes your heart sing.

When I dye a sweater quantity of yarn for you, I think explicitly about how my tiny speckles will work in a sweater fabric. I make them extra sparse and randomly distributed. I also take care to match skeins from as similar as possible dye conditions. Sweater quantities over 4 skeins cannot be dyed in the same pot, but by dyeing them in sister pots, I can make sure ambient temperature, water pH and other influences are the same.

When your yarn arrives, you can knit your sweater with all these good feelings and intentions woven into it.

My sweater quantity discount program

There are economies of scale for me when dyeing sweater quantities, so I am delighted to give you a 10% discount on your purchase of 4 or more skeins of yarn. The discount will be added automatically to your cart.

Here's a handy chart showing each base, cost, and savings for multiple skeins.

In stock or available for preorder

Here are the colorways and bases currently eligible for a sweater quantity discount:

Please note: Sweater quantity discounts are disabled when I offer free or discounted shipping. Unfortunately, I just can't afford to offer both of these at the same time.

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