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Kittenish shawlette pattern by Tina Tse

The Kittenish shawlette is designed by Tina Tse and is inspired by Beatrix Potter’s nursery story The Story of Miss Moppet where a cheeky kitten tries to trick a mouse by wearing a gingham dusting cloth. Needless to say, the mouse isn’t quite as easy to fool as Miss Moppet thinks!


Kittenish is a V-shaped shawl and is knit from the bottom up. It starts with 3 stitches at the base of the V, and increases by 2 stitches on every right side row until a triangle is formed.

Stitches for the right side wing are worked next, and the fabric created is on the bias. Each wrong side row decreases the stitch count by one to form the wing shape. Once the right wing is finished, the left wing is worked in mirror form. The shawl’s faux gingham texture is cleverly created with slipped stitches and color changes.

To knit this shawl, you should be able to:

  • Knit and purl
  • Increase and decrease stitches
Skill level

Adventurous beginner to intermediate


Little Skein in the Big Wool Harvest Sport (sport weight)
100% non-superwash American-grown Merino & Rambouillet wool blend
312 yards (285 m) | 100g
2 skeins required of coordinating colors
or approximately 300 yards (274 meters) each of two colors
pictured in the colorways Ahri (grey-blue, as color A) and Kittenish (pink, as color B)


Wingspan (tip of right-side V to tip of left-side V): 56 inches (140 cm)
Depth (center point to base of V): 18 inches (45 cm)