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Mini-kit for Bandit fabric buttonband facing

I love to add fabric or ribbon facings to the inside of my hand-knitted cardigans. This finishing detail has a practical purpose: it stabilizes buttons and helps keep buttonbands precisely the same length. But, more than the practical, I love the secret beauty of a gorgeous, hand-sewn facing.

It's easy to do, and requires only minimal hand-sewing skills. Designer Jacqueline Cieslak has created a blog tutorial for doing the buttonband in this way on Bandit, and I have created mini-kits for you, as an affordable way to use this very special Liberty of London fabric.

Mini-kits include:

  • 2 strips of unwashed Liberty of London Tana Lawn fabric in the print shown on Jacqui's buttonband, cut 2" wide and approximately 30" long
  • 2 strips of fusible interfacing to match

Please note: The fabric facing does not have buttonholes sewn into it.

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Customer Reviews

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Amy M.
Trying something new

I’ve never done a fabric buttonband facing and am super excited to try it. I couldn’t resist it with this sweater!

Fabric Lining

I love this lining; what an excellent idea to sell fabric in strips for people like me who wouldn't be able to pick out a coordinating fabric for buttonhole structure/detailing.

Adorable kit

Beautifully packaged kit. Yarn is gorgeous-can’t wait to make up the sweater and use the perfectly selected buttons and fabric for the button bands!