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Lichen shawl kit

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The Lichen shawl kit is both a knitting project, as well as a stand-alone art project. The imagery you see here, and within the pattern, was created by six different fiber artists, each of whom created a self-portrait of joy while wearing the shawl.

These artists of the global majority and I worked together throughout the summer of 2020, during various Covid shelter-in-place mandates. The shawl sample traveled from coast to coast, from one pair of hands to another, to spotlight joy.

Please join me in honoring the images each artist has created and to revel in Black Joy, Queer Joy, Trans Joy, and, most of all, the joy of resilience.

About the shawl:
  • It's an asymmetrical triangle, knit on the bias.
  • It uses two skeins of sport-weight yarn.
  • It's a perfect finished size: big enough to wrap lusciously around you, and yet small enough that you don't have "big shawl" styling problems.

The kit includes:

  • Immediate PDF download + a code in your yarn packet so you can add it to your Ravelry library
  • 2 skeins of Merino Sport in my hand-dyed original colorways:

    Merino Sport
    100% superwash merino sport
    328 yards | 100g

Color notes:

LICHEN LOVER is a grey-purple speckle with liberal dashes of forest green, decaying brown leaves, and dots of purple light that might stream through the leaves.

PORTOBELLO is the semi-solid companion to Lichen Lover and it's a warm brown-leaning purple. It looks brown in some light, and deep rich purple in others, just as the loamy forest floor looks to me in the depth of summer.

CHAMPIGNON is an exuberantly speckled pale yellow that ties the entire palette together. It has speckles of bright raspberry, loamy forest brown, and a dot of green or blue here and there.

CHANTERELLE defies description. In some lights, it leans towards mustard and in others, it looks like the gold of a Bosc pear. It's somewhat green, but mostly golden, and perfectly deep forest.

BRIAR ROSE is a juicy warm rose with tiny speckles of brown forest leaves and the thorns of wild roses. It's warmer than Radish, which was in the last box, but similar in intensity.

FOREST RASPERRY is a semi-solid companion to Briar Rose and is the juiciest, warmest, raspberry pink I can imagine. It's deeply saturated and so rich, I can imagine the taste of wild raspberries as I look at it.

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