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Kindred Spirits yarn box


  • Yarn that is a kindred spirit.

    Is Anne of Green Gables a kindred spirit for you? She is for me and so is knitting. It's the book and craft I reach for, time and again. My Kindred Spirits yarn box brings to life Anne's adventures on Prince Edward Island with a brand new colorway, every other month.

    The next box ships in December: Join to receive just the next skein or subscribe to receive every new colorway. Choose:

    • Yarn only ($28): You receive a surprise colorway on my Smooth Sock base, which is a beautiful, plump and color-loving merino/nylon blend:

    Smooth Sock
    80% superwash merino, 20% nylon
    400 yards | 115g
    3-ply construction for plush fabric and optimum stitch definition

    • Yarn + extras ($42): In addition to yarn, you'll receive:
    ↠ An original notecard, ready to send to a real life kindred spirit
    ↠ Themed stitch markers
    ↠ Themed progress marker

    Photos are of a sample skein and sample card. Your colorway and package will be a surprise!

    Details on how the subscription is charged on the second tab (above).

  • Subscribers are billed once every two months, and you can cancel at any time. If you leave your subscription in place, you'll get ongoing and wonderful yarn as long as we are dyeing new colorways!

    Yarn ships in February, April, June, August, October and December.

    You are billed for your subscription when you sign up and, thereafter, on the 15th of these months: January, March, May, July, September, and November.* Your box ships about a month after you're billed for it, and we will email you with a heads-up about a week before it ships so you know when to expect it.

    Because this is an ongoing subscription, payment is by direct credit card only (processed through the super-secure Stripe service). Unfortunately, we aren't able to accept PayPal for subscriptions at this time.

    If you ever want to cancel your subscription, just cancel by the 15th of the month before your yarn ships.

    *If you already subscribe to Little Stitches, this club is a companion. It arrives on the months Little Stitches doesn't.

Watercolor speckles, dyed by hand in San Francisco

I call my style of hand-dyeing watercolor speckles. Each skein has multiple layers of color that blend, shift and merge, with intentional wee tiny random dots of intense color. When dyeing, I focus on what the final fabric will look like. My goal is a fabric that may look semi-solid from a distance but, when viewed closely, shows a depth of subtle color differences.

There will be variations in color intensity and placement. I think that’s part of what makes each skein perfect – they’re not identical. If you will be using more than 1 skein in your project, alternate skeins to blend any color differences.