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Planning sheet for (happy) yarn shopping

It's a yarn sale, a yarn drop from your favorite dyer, a festival ... and you are excited about buying new yarn!

You want something special, but not too much. You want all the good feelings that come with squishy new yarn, but you don't want to add excessively to your stash. You already have too many "now what am I going to do with this?" skeins.

I've created a helpful one-page planning sheet for happy yarn shopping. It has space to:

  • Identify your favorite project type and the yarn requirements that go with it
  • Actual yardages for how much yarn you need to knit a sweater (most any pattern, in most any size)
  • Identify how much yarn you need to knit a sweater for your body in the specific pattern you want to knit

Offered free; this guide will be especially helpful when shopping one of my annual studio sales or one of my shop updates!