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Linen Simple Sack

  • Simple, classic, handmade.

    So many knitting bags (even my own) have become fancier these days, with more hardware, leather handles and such. While I love a beautiful bag that can double as a handbag, I've often longed for a very simple bag to hold a project in stash, or to use simply at home. Something plain yet elegant.

    This is exactly what I've created with my new Linen Simple Sack. It's:

    • My simplest, most economical bag
    • Made from beautiful, classic, 100% linen fabric
    • A single layer of fabric with beautiful French seams
    • Closed with a double cotton cord
    • Designed to last for years

    • Be inspired every day. You don't need a special occasion to use special things. A Little Skein bag is like a favorite book that fills you with happy memories every time you see it.

    • Delight in beauty.Our handmade touch is distinct, starting with our beautiful finished seams and the highest quality materials.

    • Feel good about what you buy. We believe in people who work creatively and put these values into everything we do.

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I have been waiting for this bag