Cool, Grey City of Love (San Francisco) shawl zip | PREORDER

  • Handmade to last.

    A Little Skein project bag is for the maker who loves knitting and reading with equal passion. We create our own fabric and handcraft each bag, making space for your knitting or crafting project and also for goodness and inspiration.

    Shawl zipper bags are:

    • Perfectly sized for a 2 to 3 skein project
    • Made from a substantial cotton-linen blend of fabric
    • 13" wide and 8.5" tall with a rectangular base
    • Designed to last for years

    • Be inspired every day. You don't need a special occasion to use special things. A Little Skein bag is like a favorite book that fills you with happy memories every time you see it.

    • Delight in beauty.Our handmade touch is distinct, starting with our original, illustrated fabrics to small details like covered zipper ends and fully enclosed seams.

    • Feel good about what you buy. We believe in people who work creatively and put these values into everything we do.

Customer Reviews

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Shawl zip bag

Just had to write how much I love these bags! I have 4 at the moment and they are perfect for multiple skein projects. So well made. And I love the fabrics!

Give me Liberty!

The Liberty Shawl zip is everything I could have asked for and more! I appreciate the care and detail that was used in creating what will remain one of my favorite knitting bags, and easily has become a conversation starter when it is safe to be in public again.

Stargazer's Shawl Zip = YAY!

I've been working on being frugal, both generally but also with respect to yarn purchases this year - and the pandemic only heightened the prudence of this practice.


Have you ever seen something delightful, and begrudgingly decided to not get it, because prudence/etc. That's what happened here - I saw the Stargazer pattern several months (weeks? what does time mean anyway anymore?) ago and talked myself out of it. And did so again. Yet I found that I kept thinking about it, and every time I used the other two lovely Little Skein bags that I bought in the past, I was reminded of the exceptional quality and design cleverness.

So, pleasure prevailed over prudence - and I'm SO glad that it did. Because of course this bag is both wonderfully charming AND practical, and supporting *this* small, ethical business is important to me, too.

Well Made

So cute and sturdy, love it!

I’ve had my eye on this bag

For a long time. When I saw there was just one left, I knew it was time to get mine. It’s perfect for my next shawl project, which will be Bibliophile with the five skein mini set. Little Skein’s bags are always well made, durable and the best designs!