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  • hand-dyed yarn and small-batch kits, made by me in San Francisco

  • get fresh yarn in your mailbox, every other month, with my Kindred Spirits yarn club

  • order my fabrics by-the-yard at Spoonflower

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    I'm Anne. I hand-dye yarn, make kits for knitters, and write words for the common good. I put fresh yarn in my shop most Sundays, in tandem with my Sunday newsletter.

  • Meet my beagle, Molly. She likes to steal yarn.

  • The following video tutorials come with your pattern:

    ▷ Anne’s favorite stretchy cast-on | the slip knot cast-on
    ▷ German short rows using Double Stitches
    ▷ How to resolve the second double stitch when resuming knitting in the round

    Tip: Resolving a final DS when resuming knitting in the round after working short rows can be tricky. It requires a special maneuver to fully connect the “back and forth” parts to the “in the round” parts. Expert knitters Ysolda Teague and Patty Lyons have done excellent teaching work around how to resolve this last DS. My own maneuver does not fully eliminate the gap created, but I find it’s good enough. You can level up your skills even more by checking out my links, above, to Ysolda or Patty’s work on this issue.

    ▷ How to work cable crosses without a cable needle
    ▷ How to measure raglan depth-in-progress and check your fit
    ▷ Backward loop cast-on for under arms
    ▷ Single crochet reinforcement at inside neckline


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