We bring to life the stories you love with yarn, color and fabric, delighting your knitter’s heart. What you’ll find here are the truly special knitting supplies you don’t need a special occasion to use.

Home of handmade knitting kits

Kits are the heart of what I do. I start with a beloved story and create or commission a fresh and modern knitting pattern that will bring it to life. I design my own patterns, and I've also worked with talented independent designers like Melanie Berg and Susan B. Anderson.

I work with artists to make the perfect fabric to illustrate the story I'm bringing to life and sew it into project bags. I hand-dye my own yarn as well as partner with special dyers like Viola Yarn and The Plucky Knitter. Then, I package your kit with all the tiny details that will spark the story, its themes and emotions, and deliver it to you carefully wrapped in a box of joy.

You can choose a ready-made kit, or you can choose your knitting supplies a la carte.

I create three to four new kits each year, and I restock my most popular kits as frequently as I can.

Subscription boxes bring you a regular dose of cheer.

A few years ago, I began doing a bimonthly subscription box, and it’s become a popular and beloved part of my creative repertoire. I now offer two subscription boxes, and they ship on alternating months. Sign up for one or both:

  • Little Stitches celebrates children’s and young adult literature. Every other month, I bring a new book to life with a box of mini-skeins and delightfully themed notions.

  • Kindred Spirits sock box is for my fellow sock knitters. It's about friendship, playing with color, and celebrating the kindred spirits in your life.

We make joy.

When you select a kit or project bag or set of stitch markers from Little Skein, what I’m really packing up for you is the zing of joy, connection and understanding that comes from using an item that was made by hand and speaks to your heart.

We make beautiful supplies for your knitting, but more than that, we build a connection between you, the stories you love, and the craft that brings you pleasure.