Welcome to Sock School

Sock School is Little Skein's annual summer knitalong. This is our third year of "school," and I very warmly invite you to knit socks with me this summer.

Why socks? This year, reading the news has been hard (and boy, has it been especially hard lately). When my emotions run strong, knitting soothes me. Every time. And, if you're here, knitting likely does the same for you. It's both a container for love and a way to direct all the worry, sadness, hope, and love that can roil around inside of us.

Socks are also the perfect summer knitting: they’re light, portable, and wonderfully addictive. So, once again, this summer, I invite you to challenge yourself to knit your first pair of socks, try a new construction, or knit (lots and lots of) vanilla socks. Set your own goals.

What is Sock School?

Sock School is a relaxed, no pressure summer knitalong happening on Ravelry and Instagram.

Your hosts

I will be hosting Sock School again this year in tandem with one of the kindest knitters I know, @yarnhoarder, also known as Amber from the Yarn Hoarder podcast. Amber will be knitting along with us all summer long, showing her progress along the way.

Meet our designer-in-residence

I am so delighted to welcome the wonderful designer and podcaster, @justrunknit, also known as Megan Williams from the Stockinette Zombies podcast, as our designer-in-residence. Beginning June 30, Megan will be available in our Ravelry group to offer support, encouragement and sock help. As a special bonus, all of Megan's sock patterns are 25% off to Sock School participants. See her sock patterns here, and use the Ravelry code SOCKSCHOOL2018.

How to participate

There are lots of ways to join in. Grab some yarn, cast on a sock and:


This relaxed and happy knitalong officially begins June 23 and continues through Labor Day. Join in at any time.

School supplies

We will, of course, have some wonderful new school supplies! Our first Sock School shop update will be Saturday, June 30 at 9:00a Pacific Time. We will have:

  • New House sock colorways inspired by some of my favorite picture books.

  • Commemorative Sock School project bags

  • Brand new notions packs

  • Beautiful wooden sock knitting tools

The "rules"

I love a relaxed and easy knitalong, so the rules are simple:

  • Use any yarn you want. You don’t need to use school yarns to join in.

  • Socks of any size and any weight yarn "count."

  • You don't have to finish your socks to be eligible for prizes, but if you do post a picture of your finished socks, you'll be eligible for a super-duper prize at the end of Sock School.

  • WIPs and double-dipping in other knitalongs allowed.

    3 Responses

    Catherine Reno
    Catherine Reno

    June 24, 2018

    I would like to join the sock school. I am a beginning sock knitter. Which pattern would you suggest to begin with?

    Trisha Noland
    Trisha Noland

    June 23, 2018

    So excited to start my very first pair of socks!!! Setting an alarm for the store update so I can hopefully grab a bag and some other goodies!

    Cathy Wojewoda
    Cathy Wojewoda

    June 23, 2018

    Love the idea of sock school! I am going to join! Also will need to buy one of the bags :0)
    I did your Anne of green gables shawl for my daughter, Anne, who we named after Anne! Love my first bimonthly subscription box, just looking in it is fun!
    Exciting to read about sock school on this rainy day.

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