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February 04, 2017 1 Comment

Offering unlimited preorders has been a cornerstore of the way I do business since the shop first launched in 2013, and, because of this, the fall and winter have been incredibly busy here at studio Little Skein. Our Hundred Acre Wood kit has pushed our "making" capacity to the limit as we count, tally, sew, skein, and pack.

As I reflect on the busy-ness of the season, and realize just how long some wonderful knitters have been waiting for their kits, I've come to the conclusion that it's time to change up the way we offer our kits. Where it was once easy to handle a few dozen preorders in this way, as we started to grow, the process of open preorders has become unwieldy.

Starting with our upcoming La Belle et La Bête kit in March (yarn pictured above), I won't be offering preorders. Rather, I'll list new kits as we make them.

This means that each particular kit will likely appear (and reappear) on our shelves for quite a bit longer before it goes into the archives. But, it also means that you might need to plan a purchase around a specific release date and time.

Since ready-made kits will be limited in quantity, there may be some disappointment if things sell out quickly (or even cart-jacking), but the upside is that we will be able to make more kits and make them more easily and joyfully, without the stress of hundreds of preorders bearing down on us, and without spending quite so much time counting, tallying, and dealing with supply emergencies.

While future kits will be available in more limited supply, and may not be available to order the exact, first time you come to the shop, I can promise you this: We will do our best to make (and list) as much as we can, and we will always, always have something scrumptious on the shelves to delight you. It may not always be the "hottest" item of the moment, but it will always be inspired, beautifully handmade and original.

If you love Little Skein kits, the very best way to make sure you know when a new collection is being released is to sign up for our newsletter. I always send an advance notice about kit releases, and will soon be doing more frequent e-blasts to let you know when restocks happen, as well.

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Susan Diedrich
Susan Diedrich

April 30, 2017

I went on your website yesterday, April 29, was my first time I fell totally in love with the kit Le Belle eat Lasagna Bete. Is there anyway or anyplace to go to get this kit, even if I have to just get the yarn and pattern. Please help. Susan

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