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January 26, 2017

The studio is humming this week, with the lovely sound of our skeinwinder moving quickly through the Hundred Acre Wood gradient sets, the zip-zip of our label printer as I pack and seal orders from last week's studio sale, and (as ever) a naughty beagle outside with the not-so-occasional bark.

We are running about 10 days behind schedule on Hundred Acre Wood kit shipping, as the studio's been at half-capacity this month. Just after the New Year, I went down with a nasty cold, passed it to the boy, who needed tending, and then, as I began to recover, Karalee caught it -- not a nice gift, eh?

Fingers crossed and hot coffee to ward off germs, we are both on the mend (and the family, too), so we are moving back up to full speed.

How's your New Year been, so far?

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